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A marimba solo that uses overlapping permutations to create a drive that pushes the piece to the end.

Difficulty: Advanced

Instrumentation: 5 octave marimba.

Approx. time: 1:30


Two players

Pleasant Dreams

A vibe and marimba duet with flowing melodies and exciting rhythms.

Difficulty: Medium-advanced

Instrumentation: 3 octave vibraphone and 5 octave marimba.

Approx. time: 4:30


Three players


A short trio with subtle motivic moments and splashes of intense rhythmic encounters.

Level: Easy

Instrumentation: Four concert toms, hi-hat, two wood blocks, bass drum, ride cymbal, and china cymbal.

Approx. time: 2:00


Four players

Valse Romantique for Marimba Quartet

Hear the beauty of Debussy on wood with this arrangement of Valse Romantique.

Difficulty: Medium-advanced

Instrumentation: 2-4.3 octave marimbas and 1-5 octave marimba.

Approx. time: 3:00




A mallet quartet that explores density, anticipation, and space between.

Difficulty: Advanced

Instrumentation: 2-3 octave vibraphones, 1-4.3 octave marimbas, and 1-5 octave marimba.

Approx. time: 4:00



Five+ players


The journey of enjoyable melodies brought together and pulled back a part. Requires 11 players that also includes a guitar and bass player. Traditional notation and tab notation are both available.

Difficulty: Medium

Instrumentation: Chimes, crotales, glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone, two 4.3 marimbas, electric guitar, bass, drum set, concert bass, and suspended cymbal.

Approx. time: 4:30